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Filterwell Portable Hand Pump RO Water Filter Purifier Reverse Osmosis Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit for Hiking Camping Travel

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Filterwell Portable Hand Pump RO Water Filter Purifier Reverse Osmosis Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit for Hiking Camping Travel

Packing List

– 1* Water filter housing

– 1* RO membrane

– 1* Silicone tube outlet

– 1* UF Predisposition

– 1* Water bottle cap connector

– 1* Squeeze bag

– 1* Nylon carrying cloth bag

Triple Filtration Water Filter Straw

1. Sand Filter for Sediment

Filters out visible suspensions such as sediment and floating material

2. Ultra Filtration -Hollow Fiber Membrane

Hollow fiber micro tubes remove contaminants & protect you from unsafe water during outdoor adventures.

3.Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Provide medical grade filtration, remove dirty items larger than 0.0001um, such as organics, metal ion, cancer-organic substance, and other soluble salt in water.

Ergonomic Design

Fit hand holding posture, easy to operate and use.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel material, smooth and durable surface, strong bearing capacity, not easy to deformation. Use more energy.

Squeezable Water Bag

480ML large capacity water bag, three layers of PE&PA&PET composite material. Flexible material is not easy to crack, reusable.

Portable Storage Bag

Soft material, durable, not easy to wear. Easy to carry outdoors, can be bagged after using.

Purify Water

Patent Certification



1.Which water can be filtered?

Suitable for mountain spring water, rivers, lakes, streams, groundwater, rainwater, snow water, surface water, tap water and other fresh water sources without chemical pollution. (Seawater cannot be filtered, reverse osmosis can remove heavy metals and salts)

2.How long can it last without use?

It can be kept for 3-5 years depending on the date of purchase.

3.How many times or how long can be used?

According to the filtration flow, about 4000 liters of water can be filtered. The visual clean water source is the data. The specific situation needs to be judged according to the water.

4.Can any water be filtered? Urine? pesticide?

No, this is an outdoor emergency product that can filter the common flowing water mentioned above. Please use this product correctly Urine can be filtered (reverse osmosis filters and deodorizes urine) Pesticides cannot be filtered (pesticide residues can be removed – not in high concentrations)

5. Coke, Sprite, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, milk, ink, tea and so on

It's a damage test, no warranty! Please do not filter these products containing acid dyes or pigments for testing, filtration will make them clear, but not completely colorless and transparent, and will damage the filter element to varying degrees.


6.Can the filter element be replaced?

Yes, the pump-type filter element can be replaced. Other pipette types can only be extended by washing. It is recommended that the filter element be washed clean when not in use to extend the life of the filter element.

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